Asset Management Services

P&RO’s Asset Management Services engage and integrates the 5 key process and
technologies used by organizations to achieve their desired outcomes; because plants do
not come with a manual

Asset Management Overview

Asset Management engages full integration of the key processes and technologies associated with:

  • Managing a strong Reliability Basis for the critical assets
  • Executing a strong Condition Management Program to protect those critical assets
  • Managing reliability risk between the assets, the marketplace and the resources of the organization
  • Achieving high efficiency, high effective utilization of the limited resources (Labor and material)
  • Assuring the organization learns from its experiences through appropriate Continuous Improvement.

Asset Tools

PaSTA and OPEX360 tools provide an integrated frame work that ensures all aspects of Asset Management are accounted for and tracked in a concise methodology.

PaSTA - Work Management Software

PaSTA ™ is the unrivaled solution to cumbersome work-management software. Its elegant design and functionality is a welcome relief to those who have struggled with the stiff and unfriendly interfaces of competing tools. More


OPEX360 integrates key real time asset management information on each asset of the organization. More


P&RO Solutions consulting provides expert Intervention, taking organizations to excellence in performance and asset management. Large Industrial Benchmarking databases permit best practice determination for laser focused gap analysis.

Our process coaches assure successful implementation of Improvement. Our partnership with our clients assures the objectives of the client leadership are achieved.

Value Prop

These processes when successfully integrated have yielded an increase of more than 50% resource utilization, increasing production more than 20%, and reduced downtime by 50%.

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