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  • Suports iOS and Android
  • Realtime uploads to Maximo and SAP
  • Geo fencing enabled

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Testimonials From our Customers!

I had been an SAP end user for about six years when we were introduced to PaSTA. I’ll admit I was skeptical at first, because I’d become so familiar with SAP that I didn’t think PaSTA was necessary. However, once I had the chance to use it, I realized that it’s a great tool for us to be able to use throughout the fleet for many reasons. PaSTA gives employees who work in the field an easy-to-use interface to enter data that is crucial for business management. Its scheduling features allow for an easy way to plan work and maximize the time the employees are there. Overall, it streamlines and simplifies things for the end users, but still captures all of the crucial data in SAP. It’s a win-win for all involved!

Ashley Thieman

O&M Business Analyst, nrg

Being responsible for the Work Management Process along with supporting SAP for the fleet, we’re always looking for ways to improve the efficiency for routine maintenance. One of those improvements was to acquire a scheduling tool. A team of plant representatives reviewed 4 scheduling products and the result was unanimous, PaSTA would be our next scheduling tool. It has been over a year since we implemented PaSTA within the Wind Fleet and already we have gone from 80% reactive to 70% and in some cases 60 % reactive which in turn means Technicians are turning the wrench more. Along with this, PaSTA has a great ad hoc reporting capability and canned metrics that are proving to be a great asset. We have since purchased the PaSTA CiC (Create input Close) feature which allows the Technician to create a Notification and Work Order within PaSTA. Early results have shown an improved standardization of data input/output and simpler and faster for the Technician to use.”

Marv Baxter

Manager, Work Management, nrg

We have been using PaSTA for over eight years now and have realized a lot of value. Our advanced coordination has allowed us to adequately plan and prepare. All technicians have advanced knowledge of upcoming assignments and engage in preparing work. This has resulted in efficiencies even with limited resources. Also we find that we are always working the right things at the right time. There is high visibility to the activities ongoing at the plants and T&D.

Jerry Brown

Work Management & Generation Asset Manager, NPPD

Our use of PaSTA has yielded a great change in our efficiency in working our manpower. We were constantly fighting the reactive work that would drown us. Now, with PaSTA, we find that we are getting more of the right work done with the efficient use of our labor resources and are no longer living in that reactive world.

Ken Gaudreau

Mgr, Materials & Technology, SCANA


Simple & Powerful

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PaSTA - Work Management Software

PaSTA - Work Management Software - Work Week Management


Work Week Management

Work week views, back log views, cash flow analysis, dynamic work prioritization.

PaSTA - Work Management Software- Outage Turnaround Management


Outage & Turnaround Management

Integrated with daily schedule from overall project to individual level.

PaSTA - Work Management Software - Dynamic Work Flow


Dynamic Work Flow

Design and control how data is entered and tracked from start to finish.

PaSTA - Work Management Software - Geographic Information System (GIS)


Geographic Information System (GIS)

GEO fencing with GIS, Ability to display and provide turn by turn navigation to remote areas with pin drops.

PaSTA - Work Management Software - Data Input Management


Data Input Management

Manage and design flow of relevent data into CMS or EAM.

PaSTA - Work Management Software - Equipment Management


Equipment Management

Track and manage equipment from usage to maintenance.