Focused Solutions Overview

Risk Management

In today’s market, one must be doing the right things at the right time, but also most protect against the business catastrophic.

Outage / Turnaround Management

The outage requires significant investment and must be efficient in restoring high performance of the assets.

Targeted Boiler Management

Targeting key recurring problems and eliminating their damage mechanisms will return high performance.

Combined Cycle Asset Care

Limited resources requires ongoing support creating excellence.

Risk Management

Assets must be managed against the risk dynamics of the marketplace. Risk Management must prevent business catastrophic events on certain assets while mitigating reliability risk.

Operational Risk Management

Risk audits performed to mitigate the business catastrophic events

Reliability Risk Management

Mitigate maximum risk with every maintenance dollar spent. Achieve highest reliability performance using risk based approaches.

Outage / Turnaround Mgmt

Key to the Success of Asset Management is the Efficiency of Outage / Turnaround Management

Advanced Planning and Scheduling

Outage readiness and detailed preparations. Use of Condition Information

Excellence in Project Management

Key indicators track critical path and preparedness. The techniques of project management are fully used. Rehearsals.

Outage Execution

Rhythm and discipline drive outage effectiveness. Outage Control Center operation.

Outage Management

Tools and techniques to real time manage the outage schedule and all the resources as contingencies occur and modifications to the schedule must be made. Real time financial tracking

Targeted Boiler Management

Targeted Boiler Management Minimizes Forced Outages.

Targeted Boiler Management (TBM) Produces a Proactive Monitoring and Inspection Plan:

  • Reliability Basis for the Boiler
  • Intensive Management of Active and Passive Damage Mechanisms
  • Detailed Inspection Plan
  • 24/7 Smart Monitoring
  • Effective Use of Short Outage Opportunities


Service Offerings

PaSTA - Targeted Boiler Management

Combined Cycle Asset Mgmt

Assure the proper high reliability, high performance of the combined cycle plant through integrated asset management processes.

Designed PM Program to match risk tolerance and assurance of asset performance

Executing predictive and on-line diagnostics to prevent damage mechanism action throughout the components of the combined cycle systems.

Managing all issues in a timely manner – short term, and long term – to assure high performance and reliability.

PaSTA - Combined Cycle Asset Mgmt

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