“OPEX 360 Integrates Key Real Time Asset Management Information On Each Asset Of The Organization.”

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OPEX360 Overview

OPEX360 is a Web Based Tool with Key Modules:

  • Reliability Basis Module
  • Condition Management Module ( Includes 24/7 Smart Monitoring of Key Assets CAMs )
  • Reliability Risk Module
  • Life Cycle Management Module
  • Targeted Boiler Management Module
OPEX360 - Overview

Reliability Basis Optimization

Automated Tool for Managing RBO/RCM Process

  • Contains Industry Templates, Job Plans, Bill of Materials & Standard Failure Modes
  • Provides both Onsite and Offsite RBO support
  • Manages the Reliability Basis
  • Supports Continuous Improvement/Root Cause Analysis
  • Integrates with other OPEX360 Modules
OPEX360 - Reliability Basis Optimization

Condition Management

Automated Tool for Condition Management Process

  • Supports the Predictive Maintenance Process
  • Supports Condition Management by 24/7 monitoring as well as capturing other data and information of Key Assets. Running Condition is trended over time
  • Built in Analysis Modules (CAMs) provides alerts and recommendations on the condition and performance/efficiency of Key Assets
  • All results are pushed over the Web/LAN/WAN to the cognizant personnel regardless of their location
  • Integrates with other OPEX360 Modules
OPEX360 - Condition Management

Risk Management

Automated Tool for Reliability Risk Management

  • Reliability Risk Calculated for the Critical Asset
  • Risk Mitigating Strategies
  • What-if Scenarios on Investments
  • Calculated Anticipated Availability and Reliability


Reliability Risk Supports:

  • Outage Scope Development
  • Extending Time Between Outages
  • Work Week Management Work Priority
OPEX360 - Risk Management

Life Cycle Management

Automated Tool for Life Cycle Management

OPEX360 Life Cycle Management Module tracks key asset costs from purchase through replacement/rebuild.

  • Tracks outage/overhaul cycle
  • Capturing Purchase Costs including Spare Parts
  • Identifies Critical Spares
  • Tracks Maintenance Costs including labor and material
  • Tracks Operation Cost especially lost revenue caused by asset down time
  • Tracks Asset Life expectancy and cost to replace or rebuild
OPEX360 - Life Cycle Management

Targeted Boiler Management

Automated Tool for Supporting Targeted Boiler Management

OPEX360 TBM module manages active boiler damage mechanisms to minimize forced outages.

The OPEX360 Module supports TBM by:

  • Uses CAMs to track (24/7) boiler damage mechanisms progression
  • Pushes alerts and recommendations to the cognizant personnel
  • Recommendations are intended to mitigate damage growth
OPEX360 - Targeted Boiler Management